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 Emergency Phone #

   (All phone services will be transferred to this facility during an evacuation)


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    Notre Dame Hospice evacuation site information:

Facility Owned Site
805 Shirley Drive
Bunkie, LA 71322

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Following is information on our evacuation site and contact numbers and alternatives. During an evacuation please do not call the church or school offices. The best way in which to contact us is to call the 1-800 number listed above and leave a message which will be forwarded to us via email. We will monitor for messages and return calls as soon as possible. Please remember that our primary focus is on the residents, thus we may not be able to immediately return your call, but will as soon as time permits. We also ask that each family identify 1 person per family to contact the facility and be responsible to relay this information to all other family members. We will not have the time or man power for 4 or 5 people for each elder to call us for information. 

Chateau de Notre Dame Out of Area Emergency Cell Phone #:  404-213-4356
Please only use these numbers for Emergency situations, not for informational purposes - 504-994-5563

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Emergency Communication Alternatives

Archdiocese of New Orleans

Emergency Phone Line

Please note this number will only be activated in a hurricane or other disaster situation.



This line will be a voice mail prompt system.  Identify yourself as an employee, resident/family member or vendor of Wynhoven Healtcare Center. Have your message ready with your name, name of resident, contact number and/or email address.  Speak slowly and clearly please.


Facility Cell Phone Number
(504) 453-7979

  • Employees are responsible to remain in contact with the facility during any disaster/evacuation.


  • Family Members are asked to please designate one person per family to contact the facility and then be responsible to relay this information to all other family members.


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